We are developing a human motion analytics platform that will provide data analytics services to practitioners that would benefit from the measurement and analysis of human motion data. The design and development of the Athena platform is based on our extensive experience in complex software intensive systems. The idea behind Athena is to help practitioners that are willing to embrace advanced technologies to have a more in-depth impact on the quality of life of their athletes and patients. Athena is a cloud-based platform designed to provide services to measure and analyze human motion data to practitioners, athletes, and patients.


Athena Platform



Human motion data are collected by employing best-in-class motion sensors that are worn by the athlete or patient based on the parts of the body that are the subject of the analysis. The measurement system relies on mobile technology and is specifically designed to make the experience in both indoor and outdoor as comfortable as possible.



Data that is collected through mobile devices are sent to the data analytics engine for further processing to provide near real-time and offline analysis.



The Athena platform is designed to be highly scalable and highly customizable. We are building a service that will help human motion specialists to adopt digital transformation as an enabler to enhance their insights so that they can further improve their training and rehabilitation programs. From the modeling of the problem to the design of dashboards that can be accessed via web browser, tablet or smartphone, we would work with you, our partners, and domain experts to understand and solve your problems. Let’s work together to improve the quality of life of your athletes and patients.


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